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L: Johannesburg South Africa

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Sensorpix Photography is dedicated to helping your organisation with their requirements for Publicity, Portraits, Events & Commercial Photography. Let us help you and your company get the photographic task completed efficiently, creatively and professionally, everytime!  

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Sensorpix Photography would love to discuss your photgraphy needs with you. Together we can create something great!

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Q. What is the secret to taking a great photograph?


A.The secret is all in the eye of the photographer. The skill set to be able to look at a scene, the lighting, the significant events happening at that moment and then framing the scene into an interesting photo that tells the viewer a story. The saying, " a photo can speak a 1000 words" can be applied to this practice.

Q & A with Sensorpix Photography

Q. What do you love most about your job?


A. I love being a creative problem solver and then telling a story after I have found a photographic solution to the project I am dealing with. I think the key words to this question are "creative problem solver" and "photographic story teller". Essentially photography is about capturing a moment in time with the idea to relate a story of that was happening, an enduring message through an image.

Q. Why should you choose Sensorpix Photography as your service provider?


A. For me, my relationship with my client is the key factor. I like to view a new client as a potential client for life, one where there is an ongoing relationship with regards to their photographic needs. I am certainly not a fly by night kind of photo business. I believe in delivering a quality product that leaves an enduring impression on my client. Also, experience in photography is a major factor. Photography is an art and a science, and certain elements of creating a great photo can only be achieved through experience, regardless of the technology and the equipment your have in your bag. I have worked across the board of photography clients from media publications and agencies to the corporate and private client, successfully delivering on all client's photo requests consistently.

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